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Find out how you can switch on your career during Open Day 2015, Wednesday 26 August.

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About NECA Education & Careers

NECA Education and Careers Limited is one of the leading Group Training Organisations (GTO) in Victoria and Tasmania and trade based Registered Training Organisations (RTO) based in Melbourne.

NECA Education and Careers was established in 1992 and provides employment and training opportunities for many individuals. We provide employment opportunities through traineeships and apprenticeships. We work with employers to determine the skills required and manage all recruitment, employment, training, mentoring, payroll, and administration along the journey to ensure the apprentice/trainee successfully completes and ideally continues on within your business.

NECA Education and Careers also provides training to the Electrical industry as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in our purpose built facilities. This includes pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeships and industry short courses and qualifications.

"NECA Education and Careers make it incredibly easy. They advertise, interview, handle payroll, and deal with any issues that may arise. They know what we want, and what values are important to us when they seek candidates for our group. They will only put forward suitable candidates which meet our criteria, they focus on quality and take the relevant time required to find the suitable person"
Alexandra Richardson, Oncology Clinics Victoria Business Manager


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