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Welcome to NECA Education & Careers, we are here to assist job seekers, employers and students to fulfill their career or business aspirations. Whether its starting a traineeship, apprenticeship or expanding on existing skills, NECA Education & Careers can help you.

We offer apprenticeships and traineeships across Victoria and Tasmania in electrical, business administration, information technology, engineering manufacturing, engineering fabrication, building & construction (Tasmania only), Plumbing (Tasmania only), horticulture, and trainee plant operator (Tasmania Only).

Plus we train electrical pre-apprentices, apprentices, electricians and electrical contractors across a variety of courses and tutorials tailored to the electrical industry including pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, Licensed Electrician assessment, construction wiring, electrical testing, REC, first aid, grid connect and more.

+ About NECA Education & Careers

NECA Education and Careers Limited is one of the leading Group Training Organisations (GTO) in Victoria and Tasmania and trade based Registered Training Organisations (RTO) based in Melbourne.

NECA Education and Careers was established in 1992 and provides employment and training opportunities for many individuals. We provide employment opportunities through traineeships and apprenticeships. We work with employers to determine the skills required and manage all recruitment, employment, training, mentoring, payroll, and administration along the journey to ensure the apprentice/trainee successfully completes and ideally continues on within your business.

NECA Education and Careers also provides training to the Electrical industry as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in our purpose built facilities. This includes pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeships and industry short courses and qualifications.

"NECA Education and Careers make it incredibly easy. They advertise, interview, handle payroll, and deal with any issues that may arise. They know what we want, and what values are important to us when they seek candidates for our group. They will only put forward suitable candidates which meet our criteria, they focus on quality and take the relevant time required to find the suitable person"
Alexandra Richardson, Oncology Clinics Victoria Business Manager

+ High success rate with LEA tutorials and Assessments

NECA Education & Careers is committed and focused on improving its training and customer service.

We recently employed Harry Dreger to teach the LEA tutorials and now offer students the opportunity to undertake tutorials and sit assessments at EPIC ITB within a couple of days of each other.

As a result of these changes the pass rate of NECA Education & Careers students have increased by 25%, resulting in pass rates above 70% for students sitting their assessment first time.

September has seen 100% of student rate the LEA tutorials as good or excellent and commented the best aspects of the course were:
  • Harry’s an excellent teacher, easy to understand, very knowledgeable and easy to approach
  • The textbook was excellent, covering all aspects and thorough examples.
  • Small class size made getting assistance easier*

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+ Why should I lease an apprentice or trainee?

A recent independent study by SVA Consulting has found that GTO”s save host employers time and money. “For every $1 invested by host employers in GTO’s they received $1.70 value in return”. The value is created because GTO’s:
  • Screen, recruit and place apprentices and trainees
  • Manage induction, timesheets, payroll and entitlements
  • Manage work, health and safety and industrial relations; and
  • Apprentices and trainees hired from GTO’s are of better quality and therefore more productive. This outcome occurs because both apprentice/trainees and host employers receive mentoring support, which results in host employers being able to better manage the apprentice/trainee
    (source: SVA Consulting Report – GTO-Baseline Social Return on Investment – June 2015)

+ Congratulations to our apprentices and trainees on their awards

NECA Education & Careers apprentices and trainees have had an amazing couple of months, with Lachlan Booth named Commercial/Domestic Apprentice of the Year, James Huf named Industrial Apprentice of the Year at NECA Victoria's Apprentice awards and Katherine Masson named Federal Group Training trainee of the Year at Skills Tasmania annual training awards.

Their commitment to their jobs and their studies is extraordinary, with all 3 taking every opportunity that has come their way to further grow their skills and knowledge.

Congratulations Lauchlan, James and Katherine from all at NECA Education & Careers.
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+ We are focused on improving the electrical industry

NECA Education & Careers is focused on improving the industry and what better way than having experienced teachers that are experts in their field and who are still actively involved in the industry.

We are pleased to announce the return of Harry Dreger to NECA Education & Careers. Harry has over 30 years’ experience in Electrical Inspection for SEC and as a private inspector, in all fields including:

  • General light and power
  • High Voltage
  • High Current
  • Switchboards
  • Hazardous Installations; plus more.

But his knowledge and expertise doesn’t stop there. Harry has taught numerous and various courses through NECA Victoria including:

  • Installation testing
  • Fault finding
  • EcoSmart Electrician
  • Solar
  • Construction Wiring; and
  • BCA Lighting.

Harry has been a teacher for 8 years with a number of colleges but predominately with NECA Education & Careers and enjoys teaching. “I love to pass on the knowledge I have, that’s why I enjoy teaching” commented Harry. “I have over 30 years’ experience in my working life and it’s about teaching the next generation, so they can continue to improve the electrical industry”.

When away from work Harry enjoys fishing, hunting and anything with a motor in it!

Harry will be teaching the Licensed Electricians Assessment (LEA) tutorials and Licensed Electrical Inspector (LEI) G Class Tutorials.

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