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Does it seem like everyone is always looking for outcomes? Students want outcomes from tests, Parents want outcomes from their children, the school wants outcomes from you and DET wants outcomes from the school. It's a never ending cycle and it must seem like it all comes back to you!

Did you know that in some cases we can assist with your outcomes? Some students we just know are headed for further study, some are headed into the family business but what about those that don't quite know or need a helping hand to decide?

NECA Education and Careers has been assisting careers teachers to get positive outcomes for their students for years. We are specialised in working with the students that are looking for 12 months just to get their heads around the fact that they have finished school or those who are set on an electrical career in their futures.

With your students we can do resume writing, interviewing tips, identifying body language and mock interviews to help us, and you, to help your students into successful outcomes from VCE, VCAL and VET.

Some we may not be able to help directly with employment or further study but be assured that we will know someone or somewhere in the industry that can help your student along their path.

Some successful outcomes we have managed have been:

Case scenario 1:

Suzie was studying year 11 at a secondary college in Ringwood.  Her careers teacher called and asked for a consultant to attend the school to see if we had any opportunities for her student to carry on with immediately as the student was disengaged.

Our consultant attended the school and identified that the student was bored as she had decided to change from a VCE stream to a VCAL stream and was finding it way too easy. She was a bright young lady and just wanted to get into the work force and start earning money. Suzie was given the opportunity of a full interview on the spot and the details of her interview were taken back to the team at NECA Education and Careers. Through industry contacts in the Ringwood area we were able to identify a business that could use some extra help and were willing to see Suzie for interview.

2 years later and Suzie is still going strong. She has completed her Certificate III and IV in Business Administration and has just been taken on full time by the company she did her traineeship through.

Her Careers Teacher needs to take a lot of the credit as she identified that she didn't have the industry contacts to get Suzie the exposure she needed. NECA Education and Careers and Suzie thank her for her savvy decision in a time of potential upset for young Suzie.

Case scenario 2:

A Secondary college in the South Eastern suburbs invited NECA Education and Careers to their school to participate in some interviews for their students. Some of the interviews were purely an exercise in practice makes perfect, but some were legitimate job interviews. Tony was extremely keen to start an electrical apprenticeship but didn't know how to go about getting one.  He had a couple of obstacles in his way. After chatting with one of our Consultants Tony decided to sit the NECA industry aptitude test in October and complete a Certificate II in Electrotechnology (pre- vocational) before the beginning of the year to up his chances of a placement. This would also take him closer to his 18th birthday when he would be able to get his licence and be completely job ready.

NECA Education and Careers can't wait to see Tony for a second interview in January/ February 2016 when we are looking at taking on our new cohort of 1st year electrical apprentices.

Give NECA Education and Careers a call to day and see how we can help your students.

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