Why would I lease an apprentice or trainee through a GTO instead of doing it myself?

Is this a question you have asked yourself? 

A recent independent study has found that GTO”s save host employers time and money. “For every $1 invested by host employers in GTO’s they received $1.70 value in return”. The value is created because GTO’s:

  • Screen, recruit and place apprentices
  • Manage induction, timesheets, payroll and entitlements
  • Manage work, health and safety and industrial relations; and
  • Apprentices and trainees hired from GTO’s are of better quality and therefore more productive. This outcome occurs because both apprentice/trainees and host employers receive mentoring support, which results in host employers being able to better manage the apprentice/trainee
    (source: SVA Consulting Report – GTO-Baseline Social Return on Investment – June 2015 download report)

Won’t a group training apprentice cost me more?

Are you just focusing on the hourly award apprentice wage rate and thinking ‘bargain’? What that hourly rate doesn’t do is give you the real cost of taking on an apprentice or trainee.

The real costs of directly employing an apprentice includes wages, annual leave, pubic holidays, travel, fares, superannuation, annual leave leading, tax, workers compensation and reimbursements, uniform, tools, training, PPE, mentoring, recruitment, induction and ongoing administration and support. All of these costs you will have to recover in your chargeable hours.

NECA Education & Careers takes all the hassle out of recruiting and managing apprentices. Leasing an apprentice as a host employer is a much more cost effective and flexible solution than you might think.

So when you’re looking for an apprentice or trainee, let us manage everything for you so you can do what you do best.