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Health and Safety

NECA Education and Careers is committed to the adoption of a culture of safety in the organisation with the full support of the board of directors, and all levels of management evident by the functions and activities of staff, apprentices, trainees and students. At NECA Education and Careers we value 'safety always'.

Occupational Health and Safety at NECA Education and Careers follows the requirements of the OH&S Act 2004. There are three divisions within the Occupational Health and Safety Program.

  • Risk/Hazard Assessment
  • Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) program and;
  • The internal and external audit of OH&S policies and procedures within NECA Education and Careers and host employers. 

Safety Management system

The Safety Management System is a functioning management system that has continuity throughout the organisation and provides positive control.

The Safety Management system outlines the accountability process of all staff, apprentices, trainees, field officers, placement officers, managers, administrative staff, board of directors, and host employers.

A high level of attention to best work practice, safety, health and performance are of prime importance to the success of the quality training of apprentices, trainees and students while with host employers.

Requirements for the effective supervision of apprentice electricians

Requirements have been developed by ESV to assist supervising electricians and electrical contractors in providing supervision to electrical apprentices during the on-the-job training element of an electrical apprenticeship.  The requirements reflect the intent of ‘effective supervision’ as defined in the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009, and assist with compliance to the Electrical Safety Act 1998. 

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Student Uniform Policy

Students of NECA Education and Careers are required to adhere to the Student Uniform Policy.
  Student Uniform Policy

Goals & Commitment

NECA Education and Careers goal is to continuously strive for a healthy, accident free and safe workplace for staff, apprentices, trainees and students while providing on-the-job training and technical expertise.

Safety Is My Choice

'Safety Is My Choice' is the safety slogan for NECA Education and Careers.

We keep our apprentices, staff and trainees up-to-date on best practices and tips and tricks that can help them stay stafe in the workplace.

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