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Job Seekers

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+ Indigenous Program

NECA Education and Careers’ Warrang Jarri Lian program is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Indigenous employment through strategic Host placement and additional support services specific to our Indigenous Apprentices and Trainees.  Have a chat to us today about how we can assist you.

+ Disadvantaged Youth Employment Programs

NECA Education and Careers is aware of the continual downhill spiral of Youth Employment in Victoria and what that means to the youth of today.  Statewide statistics are sitting at 16.1 percent, yet in some specific regions elevating to an alarming 21.4 percent Youth Unemployment (Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS)). It is a frightening and confronting reality for us all.

Together with our State Government Department Hosts, NECA Education and Careers is fighting back offering Traineeships within State Government Departments that are specifically targeted towards disadvantaged youth.  Business Certificate III level Traineeships encompassing positions within Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Policy and Education to name a few, along with our highly sought after Certificate IV IT Traineeships have proven their worth both to the young trainees who find their niche as well as the departments who find fresh inspired young people and ideas to add to their teams.

Eligibility criteria apply for the YES Traineeships and are as follows:

  • 15-24 years of age
  • Eligible to work in Australia
  • Not currently engaged in tertiary education
  • Not attained higher than a certificate IV qualification
  • Unemployed or working part-time

For current vacancies within YES Traineeship positions please click here.

Good luck!

+ Out of Trade - Electrical Apprentice

Just as with normal full time jobs, Apprenticeships can be dissolved before the Apprentice has achieved their qualification or A Grade Licence.  This is often due to a down turn in the industry, lack of work, businesses going into administration or could be attributed to other more personal factors.

NECA Education and Careers assists Electrical Apprentices who find themselves out of their apprenticeship back into their electrical trade.  On a needs basis, and working with our industry contacts, NECA will interview and assess individuals for their suitability to our Apprenticeship model and offer employment to those who fit our requirements.  If you are still in a training contract we won’t be able to assist you unless you have consent from your current employer to approach us about our Apprenticeships. 

We pride ourselves on offering employment to Out of Trade Apprentices and enjoy seeing their success upon completion of their apprenticeship, gaining their qualification and attaining the highly sought after A Grade Licence.

For more information on current Out of Trade vacancies and positions please click here.

So call NECA Education and Careers and speak to one of our friendly advisors.

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