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Test and Verification

Course CodeTASETV001
Course NameTest & Verification
DurationApprox. 8hours
Mode of StudyVarious Locations (Tasmania only)
It is essential that you or your employees have the essential testing skills so that you can test and sign off on CEC with confidence.

This particular course is designed to give electrical trades people a refresher in aspects of electrical verification and testing as per AS3000 and covers the 8 keys tests including continuity, Insulation and Polarity. The course is designed to be a combination of face to face theory, practical demonstration and simulated fault finding on test boards.

+ Course Information

The course covers, but not limited to:
  • Understanding the standards and regulations
  • Why test for correct circuit connections, Earth Fault Loop Impedance and RCD’s
  • Earth continuity choices, testing main earth using trailing lead
  • Testing protective earths and bonds using trailing lead
  • Earth conductor values and equipotential bonding of water and pipes
  • Testing options, and why to test
  • Mandatory tests
  • Why test earth continuity
  • Why test insulation resistance and polarity
  • Fault loop examples and testing insulation resistance
  • Testing mains polarity using fixed resistors
  • Testing metered mains polarity using fixed resistors
  • Testing main switch/circuit breaker operation/interconnections
  • Testing polarity/earthing/switching/legend/interconnections
  • Testing earthed or bonded items and testing circuit neutral interconnections
  • Finalise dead testing and live testing
  • Using fixed resistors
  • Checking voltage drop, Fault current ratings, RCD’s.
You will need to bring your own testing equipment which you are familiar with.

+ Continious Professional Development (CPD) points

As of 1 July 2016, it is a condition of your licence to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD). This course will earn you 8 points towards your CPD points.

+ Cost and Dates

Courses can be tailored and delivered in a flexible way to suit business needs. Please feel free to register your interest and we will get back to you with a cost effective package based on delivery location, numbers and time frame.


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