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Why become an electrician

Electricians are Careers, not just Jobs

The electrical industry is always changing with emerging technologies, therefore requires you to have the ability to meet the demands of this flexible, challenging and life-long rewarding career. Positions and opportunities range from trade level through to middle management, engineering roles and business ownership.

Choosing a career as an electrician opens a range of career and specialty paths from being self-employed or as part of a larger business. What's more, within the electrical industry many electricians' select a specialty that they focus on whether it is building and construction, green energy/solar, automation, manufacturing, mining, energy or water supply industries.

Electrician Skills Shortage

Due to the increasing skills shortage in the electrical industry, there is a great deal of interest as it offers a lifelong career.  There will always be a need for electricians as the electrical industry evolves with changing technologies, electrical systems need to be installed and maintained by professionals in domestic, commercial, industrial, and mining industries.


Electricians are able to take on various different jobs and projects, ranging from major commercial, industrial, or automation projects in large cities to various high end and standard residential jobs. Being an electrician offers mental skills such as interpreting electrical or electronic drawings and determining wiring layouts in addition to the obvious physical skills including use of various sophisticated equipment and electrical projects.

Changing 'Office'

Being an electrician allows for a diverse and changing work environment with various individual jobs being part of many electrician average working weeks. Your can easily move from outdoor projects such as supply cables and street lighting to indoor projects including buildings under construction or residential projects. This diversity will depend on whether you choose to specialise within commercial, domestic, industrial or mining sectors.