Leaders in Apprenticeships and Group Training Programs

NECA Education & Careers is not your ‘run of the mill’ Trade School or Group Training Organisation (we just turned 26!). It is a business which thrives on delivering great customer service to everyone who walks through our doors.

Our customers range from pre-apprentices/apprentices to trainees to top tier electrical contractors. If you are looking for an electrician course to grow your career or join us as a trainee, we have the right solution for you. If you are looking for a trainee or apprentice we have the right candidate to ensure the success of your projects

We let companies focus on getting the job done by providing them with kick ass trainees and apprentices and doing all the ‘boring HR stuff’ (which we love).  We educate students to be the best they can be. In work, their personal life and the wider community. We know you can attend trade school anywhere or use any GTO, we don’t pretend to know everything and we own up when we make mistakes. What we also know is that we are different. We are a family, we all connect to our purpose and we are dedicated to making you part of our family too.

“We have sent a number of our electrical apprentices to NECA Education and Careers due to the quality of training they provide, ongoing communication that is received on student progress and the mentoring and support they provide our apprentices. By sending our apprentices to NECA Education and Careers we know that our apprentices will be trained using industry current practices, in key areas that are required by the industry and provided with a safe and supportive environment.”  Dan Elliot – Managing Director, Prime

“NECA Education and Careers make it incredibly easy. They advertise, interview, handle payroll, and deal with any issues that may arise. They know what we want, and what values are important to us when they seek candidates for our group. They will only put forward suitable candidates which meet our criteria, they focus on quality and take the relevant time required to find the suitable person”  Alexandra Richardson, Oncology Clinics Victoria Business Manager

Our completion rate speaks for itself!

Trade School

78.4% completion rate compared to the average for Electrotechnology and telecommunications trades workers of 62%

(Based on 2010 Start/Completions, 2014 Completion and Attrition Rates for Apprentices and Trainees, NCVER)

A recent independent study by SVA Consulting has found that GTO”s save host employers time and money. “For every $1 invested by host employers in GTO’s they received $1.70 value in return”. The value is created because GTO’s:

  • Screen, recruit and place apprentices and trainees
  • Manage induction, timesheets, payroll and entitlements
  • Manage work, health and safety and industrial relations; and
  • Apprentices and trainees hired from GTO’s are of better quality and therefore more productive. This outcome occurs because both apprentice/trainees and host employers receive mentoring support, which results in host employers being able to better manage the apprentice/trainee
    (source: SVA Consulting Report – GTO-Baseline Social Return on Investment – June 2015)