3 Reasons to Complete an LEA Tutorial Before Going for Your Electrical Licence

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So, you’ve been kicking goals at work and at trade school for the last three years, and now there’s only one thing standing in the way of you becoming a fully-fledged electrician – passing your LEAs.

The Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA) is a series of three separate assessments that all Victorian electrical workers must pass to obtain their electrician’s licence. To be granted your licence, you’ll need to pass all three components of the assessment – Licensed Electrician’s Theory (LET), Licensed Electrician’s Practical (LEP) and Safe Working Practice (SWP) – and this is no easy feat!

If you’re like most apprentices, there are likely a few areas where you could do with a little extra preparation and revision before you undertake the assessment, and completing a tutorial is a great way to do this. So if you’re keen to get your licence first time round, read on to discover three reasons why completing a licensing tutorial is a smart move.

1. Brush up your skills so you’re fully prepared

One of the best things about electrical work is the diversity, but this can also be one of the hardest things to stay on top of as an apprentice. The LEAs will test your knowledge on everything you need to know before you start working independently – and while you’ve hopefully covered all of it during your training as an apprentice, it is a lot to remember, especially under pressure. On top of this, there’s a fair chance that your knowledge of at least some of the work in the assessments may be limited, especially if you learnt it earlier in your apprenticeship.

Completing a tutorial before the assessment is the ideal way to brush up on the skills and knowledge you need to know to pass the tests. The tutorials are available on each individual assessment, so you can choose to complete one, two or all three. This means you can focus on revising just what you need, without going over what you already know. It also means you’ll approach the assessment knowing you’re fully prepared.

2. Less nerves, more confidence

Anyone who has ever completed an exam, assessment or test where there is a lot at stake can attest to the fact that the pressure and nerves can be enough to put you off your game. When you’re nervous, lacking confidence and feeling the pressure, it’s difficult to perform at your best – which means there’s a good chance you’ll underachieve, or even fail.

By completing the LEA tutorials, you will walk into your assessments with the knowledge and skills you need to pass fresh in your mind. This gives you a serious boost in confidence, which in turn will reduce your nerves. With less nerves and more confidence, you give yourself the best chance of success.

3. Boost the odds of getting it first time

Let’s be honest, no-one likes to fail – especially when the stakes are high. After three long years of training as an apprentice you are ready to step up and become a fully qualified apprentice. The last thing you want is to stumble at the finish line and delay getting your licence any longer!

You can significantly increase your chances of passing your licensing exams first time by completing one or more of the LEA tutorials. The duration of the tutorials varies, and it’s not a huge investment of your time – at NECA Education & CareersSafe Working Practice (SWP) is completed in 8 hours (over 1 or 2 days), Licensed Electrician’s Practical (LEP) Licensing Tutorial is completed in 24 hours (over 3 days) and Licensed Electrician’s Theory (LET) Licensing Tutorial is completed in 32 hours (over 4 days). With the knowledge you need fresh in your mind your chances of passing first time greatly increase.

Preparation is the key to success

It’s natural to feel nervous about any assessment, especially one that you’ve worked hard to achieve over three years. While there are no guarantees in life, completing an LEA tutorial before you complete the assessment will significantly increase your chances of getting your electrician’s licence first time. Not only will the tutorial fill in any gaps in your learning, it will also bring all the things you need to know to pass, front of mind. After completing the tutorials you’ll walk in to the assessment feeling confident – and hopefully walk out ready to apply for your licence!

Would you like to know more about our LEA tutorials? You can view the upcoming dates, cost and other details on our website, or contact our team anytime.

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