5 reasons women should consider an IT traineeship

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Women comprise less than 20 per cent of the Australian ICT workforce, according to Deloitte’s Women in ICT – Perspectives and Perceptions. The statistics are grim – but it’s high time for a change. In an age of role models like Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer there are tons of great reasons to start your career with an IT traineeship, where your gender will not hold you back.

1) Job certainty for the rest of your career

IT is already one of the most essential departments in modern industry – and this is not going to change any time soon. As the world becomes more tech focused, IT professionals are in constant high demand. So if you love computers and have the skill set and experience, you will never be without well paid work. Completing an IT traineeship (Certificate III, Certificate IV or Diploma in Information Technology) gives you access to a variety of IT roles upon successful completion. NECA Education & Careers traineeship provides you with:

  • 12-24 months of professional experience under your belt upon successful completion.
  • Advice from a dedicated careers consultant who will put you on a good path to employment.
  • The opportunity to earn while you learn.
  • A nationally recognised qualification.

“I went for an IT Traineeship because I asked myself an important question – ‘what do I enjoy doing everyday?’, and the answer was working with technology, such as phones, consoles and computers. Shortly after, I went job searching and found an IT Traineeship position advertised by NECA Education & Careers.” – Alex Coll, IT trainee

There are many reasons why women should consider an IT traineeship.Alex Coll, current IT trainee within State Government, chose the IT Industry because she enjoys technology

2) It’s never going to be boring

IT is all about problem solving, and the challenges you’re up against will always be changing as tech evolves. No matter  your role, you’re going to come up against new and exciting puzzles.

If you’re scared of getting stuck in a dull office – don’t be. IT is needed in all types of industries, so you can literally work anywhere from car manufacturing to charities, the health sector or even a space program. You’re never going to be stuck contributing to a sector you don’t believe in; the possibilities are endless and ever increasing.

3) Opportunity for promotion and learning

IT is a career path that will never hit a dead end. With so many different technologies emerging you’ll always need new skills and could even create your own niche specialty. For example before ‘Pokémon Go’ no one had ever heard of Augmented Reality, now AR is on everyone’s radar.

A traineeship sets you up perfectly for career progression by providing you with a solid base to build new skills. NECA Education & Careers IT traineeships can place you with a large company that will rotate you through many departments so you get experience in a range of specialties. This gives you the perfect opportunity to consider what you want to learn more about.

For passionate IT professionals there is always room for growth and promotion.

“It’s truly a phenomenal experience and nothing like I expected. I work in Systems Administration which allows me to get hands on with different programs and has allowed me to work with some really talented individuals who have taught me so much. Being in IT has also given me the opportunity of networking – IT is so big and diverse that I’m constantly learning new things about different areas and meeting new people.” – Alex Coll, IT trainee

Alex coll describes her IT traineeship experience.Alex loves LEarning new things as part of her traineeship

4) Be at the forefront of innovation

If you love cutting edge technology, IT is the only place to be. Information and computer science makes up 40 per cent of all R&D expenditure in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Every big business trend, whether it’s self-driving cars or artificial intelligence, needs IT innovation. If you want to make a real impact and work on some of the biggest developments in human history, IT is your path.

5) Job satisfaction

What could be more satisfying than solving a tricky technical problem that’s been nagging you for days? And wouldn’t it be even better if you knew that by fixing that problem you were helping an entire organisation be better at what it does?

IT enables everything from life saving operations to factory production. Being part of that is majorly rewarding.

If you’re a computer geek looking for an inclusive IT program that will help you to thrive in the industry, look no further. Get in contact with the NECA Education & Careers team today.


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