5 things to know about the apprentice pre-selection assessment

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So you’re considering applying for an electrical apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship – now is the time to put yourself in the best position to be successful. Many apprenticeship employers often require you to do a pre-selection assessment before accepting your application. So what are they, why are they important and how can you prepare for an electrical pre-selection assessment?

Let’s run through some of the key information about the apprentice pre-selection assessment:

1. What is an apprenticeship pre-selection assessment?

The assessment itself is an online exam that lasts for 1 hour and covers a number of skill areas that the industry is looking for, to successfully complete an electrical apprenticeship. The exam will usually take place at a trade school and will cost a fee of around $50. You can apply for various time slots on different dates but most will be held on the weekend so you don’t have to miss any school or weektime work.

The topics tested in the apprentice pre-selction assessment are designed to test whether you can complete an apprenticeship.The skills tested in the pre-selection assessment are needed for you to succeed at an electrical apprenticeship.

2. What does it include?

The pre-selection assessment covers numeracy and literacy topics. The main sections are:

  • Transpositions of formula (Ohm’s law)
  • Basic arithmetic (decimals, fractions, percentages in addition to the basics)
  • Pythagoras
  • English reading and comprehension
  • Mechanical reasoning

Though there will be slight variations between apprentice providers there are the broad areas all pre-selection assessments will cover.

3. What happens to my results?

If you do well on the assessment and would like to take advantage of your results you can give permission to the trade school to circulate your scores to prospective apprentice employers. This happens in early October every year and gives employers the opportunity to select and interview exceptional candidates.

It’s important to remember that nothing happens to your results without your permission. They are your results and you have complete control over them.

4. Why are they useful?

A pre-selection assessment can sound like an extra helping of stress during a time that’s already full of decisions. After all, it is another exam on top of a full school schedule – so why should you do it?

Whether you are fully committed to the apprenticeship pathway or just want to know whether it’s the future for you, there are a number of ways completing a pre-selection assessment will help you out:

  • It’s a great way to see if you have what it takes to thrive in an apprenticeship. Like it or not the skills tested in the assessment are the basic competencies you will need to learn the electrical trade.
  • A completed assessment provides potential employers with solid proof of your language, literacy and numeracy skills – a boost to your application.
  • A good result that ranks you highly in the state will increase your likelihood of being offered an apprenticeship.
  • Circulation of your result gets your personal details out to potential employers and can help set up interviews and job offers.
A high result on the pre-selection assessment can help you stand out of the crowd for recruitment.Getting a good score on your assessment can make you stand out of the crowd for apprentice employers.

5. Can I prepare?

Yes! Going through sample questions is a great way to prepare. The trade school you are taking your assessment with should provide this for you or you can find them on their website. The assessment also covers topics that you will have learnt at school so refreshing your maths and English knowledge is always a good idea.

If you are not used to taking exams in timed conditions it might be useful for you to do a few practice runs so that you know how to time yourself on the day. As with all exams it’s also a good idea to double check the time, date and location of your assessment so you arrive with plenty of time to relax and do your best.

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