Finished your REC(B) course but not sure how to apply to become a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC)?

You need to apply to Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

There are 3 types of REC registrations available as an REC:

  1. Sole Proprietor
    A Sole Proprietor is if you want to work alone. You will be the technical nominee/supervisor and hold a current Victorian Electricians Licence (A Class).
  2. Partnership
    A partnership application is when two persons or entities are seeking to be a REC. Either one party or both of you will be the technical nominee/supervisor and will hold a current Victorian Electricians Licence (A Class).
  3. Corporation
    A Corporation registration applies to companies seeking to be a REC. Refer to ESV website for more information.

This is a guide only. Please refer to Energy Safe Victoria Website.

ESV Website

What is a Technical and Business nominee/supervisor?

Technical Nominee/Supervisor
A person holding a current Electrician’s Licence (A Class), and who has completed the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA) or previously the Licensed Electrical Mechanics (LEM) assessment. ESV will accept completion of the ‘Capstone Assessment’ if you’re licensed in another state or territory.

Business Nominee/Supervisor
A person who has undertaken and successfully completed the Registered Electrical Contractor’s Course
A person with relevant business administration and management experience, with appropriate qualifications, and whom ESV deems qualified to act in the role of Business Nominee (e.g. accountant).

Civic Liability

RECs must hold current civil liability insurance (minimum cover $5 million) against personal injury and/or damage to property in connection with the electrical contracting work of the applicant or their employees or agents. ESV requires the Certificate of Currency, stating the insurance is in place and established at the time of application. Tax invoices are not acceptable.

However, you may wish to hold a Registration and not actively trade. In this situation you can apply for an exemption from the insurance requirements by submitting your application, together with the Insurance Exemption Form.

If you are registering a business name, the insurance must be registered exactly as you wish to trade, and in the case of a partnership, both partners should be named.

How do I apply for the licence?

Download an application form from the ESV website.

Sole Proprietor and Partnership applications require:

  • A completed application form which includes Business and Technical Nominee Consent Forms
  • Copy of Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency
  • Copy of Business Name Certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of LEA or LEM Certificate/s
  • Copy of Registered Electrical Contractors Business Course Completion Certificate
  • Application Fee

You can either apply in person
Licensing Section
Energy Safe Victoria
Level 5, Building 2
4 Riverside Quay Southbank

or via mail
Licensing Section
Energy Safe Victoria
PO Box 262
Collins Street West VIC 8007