Are you IoT ready?

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Technology is changing the way we access the network, from the NBN, to houses with multiple TVs, gaming consoles and Foxtel, to full-house audio installations and more. And while there is a movement towards running everything over Wi-Fi, most wireless home networks are overloaded, hence the need for robust cable infrastructure. The logical option for consumers is to hire an electrician, but many electricians don’t have the training or skills to do the work – do you?

For example, due to increased demand for bandwidth, an installation completed five years ago to an average standard may no longer be able to keep up with the speed of all the devices beings used today, even in houses that aren’t automated. Installations need to be as future-proof as possible to keep up with the current rate of innovation and move towards the Internet of Things (IoT).

It’s also more cost-effective for the consumer to have the home set up for speed in the first place as it is expensive to fix.

NBN technicians are increasingly moving into the domain of the cabler when they have to complete installations within a consumer’s house. Technical advancements such as IoT are revolutionising domestic data, but if telecommunications or NBN technicians don’t know how to terminate cables safely it’s potentially hazardous.

As an electrician, having that termination experience gives you the edge, but without the necessary cabling qualifications it’s not worth the safety risk.

Another point for getting qualified is that amateur work is a red flag for auditors, resulting in stricter regulations on cabling.

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