Battery Storage for Grid to Connect to start

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When our CEO sets a challenge we all know it’s going to be epic … So when Phil set up a team and tasked them with the mission of creating a solar and battery installation…

… that is not only connected to power supply but also could be used for Solar and Battery install & testing training, the first point of call was our renewables go-to man Mighty Mouse!

Then we pulled on our high vis, tied up our safety boots, attached our harness (by we … we mean Allen AKA Might Mouse) and got cracking.

After countless days on the roof and secret renos behind closed doors in Room 2, NECA Education & Careers are super excited to announce the arrival of our very own fully operational hybrid solar installation! … We’re just going to leave the word ingenious lying around here.

We bet you’re wondering what this all actually means…

  • When you do our Battery Storage courses you will now be able to complete a test and commission practical assessment on a real life installation!
  • Get trained by the design and installation guru himself
  • You will get to actually fix and secure solar panels in Grid Connect Courses
  • You will be supplied with the tools and knowledge to design and install Hybrid systems
  • Resources have been developed to include installation practicals for residential, commercial and industrial work
  • Increase your business with the ability to design, install and test solar and battery storage

2 Comments on “Battery Storage for Grid to Connect to start”

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