Course in the Application of Internet of Things for Electrotechnology Workers

Course Code NECIOT001
Course Name Course in the Application of Internet of Things for Electrotechnology Workers
Duration 8 Weeks
Mode of Study On-Campus (Carlton North) and Online
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The future is now. Don’t get left in the past!

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Digital disruption or ‘digitisation’ is increasingly impacting the work of electricians. Customer demands and expectations are changing, while traditional electrical operating systems are moving from low voltage to ELV and other technologies. Electricians are well placed to take advantage of this change, but most lack the skills required to do so.
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NECA Education & Careers has developed a new innovative training course – The Application of the Internet of Things for Electricians. This course was developed with funding from the Victorian Government and its content was developed with the expert input of our project partners – Schneider Electric, Middy’s, Molex, Cisco, Lightmoves and experienced specialist contractors working in this area.

The course will cover system thinking skills for the design, installation, interconnection and integration of intelligent appliances and systems. This will involve the ability to integrate systems into a network at various scales and the ability to communicate with both internal and external customers on the deployment of these technologies.

It is designed to develop a network focused mind-set, as products are increasingly unlikely to be standalone pieces of equipment. This involves an understanding of networks – both local and cloud; network connectivity; and control of smart devices through the integration of electronics, software, sensors and actuators.

If you are willing to embrace emerging technologies that enter the market, this course is for you.

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The Internet of Things, or ‘IoT’, refers to the billions of devices around the world that are connected to the internet, all connecting and sharing data. Pretty much any physical object can be transformed into an IoT device if it can be connected to the internet to be controlled or communicate information. A light bulb that can be switched on using a smartphone app is an IoT device, as is a motion sensor or a smart thermostat in your office, or a connected streetlight.

We’re all familiar with the internet which started to work its way into our lives in the mid-1990s. However, at some point in the late 2000s, there came a point in time when more ‘things’ or ‘objects’ were connected to the internet than people.

In 2018, there were 7 billion IoT devices. In 2019 the number of active IoT devices reached over 26 billion. According to some estimates every second there are some 127 new IoT devices connect to the web, with estimates of 50 billion connected devices by the end of this year.


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