KNX Basic Certification

Course Code NECKNX001
Course Name KNX Basic Certification
Duration 15 hours pre-reading & 2 days face-to-face (8:30am-4pm)
Mode of Study Blended learning
Next Intake 05/08/2024 to 06/08/2024 - see below for more dates

KNX is an international building control standard that is used to put the intelligence into intelligent buildings. It enables the integration and programming of a range of products from a range of manufacturers using a single software tool. KNX products are all thoroughly tested for compliance ensuring they operate seamlessly together on a single, simple network.

During the training, you will apply your new-found knowledge in exercises and thereby improve your learning results. The course then ends with the theoretical and practical KNX exam. On passing this exam, you receive the official KNX certificate and can then conclude the KNX Partner contract with the KNX Association.

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Meet your trainer: Atul Batra

Atul Batra has been working in the Building Automation sector for over 15 years. During this time he has gained a wealth of experience in the field, delivering automation systems into many high profile buildings including multi-storey commercial high rise, government infrastructure, police headquarters, prisons, quarantine facilities, laboratories, and tertiary facilities. Atul has also been involved in designing systems for implementation into sporting grounds, and warehousing.

In this demanding commercial sector Atul Batra prefers KNX as the backbone for building services as KNX is open source, IP secure, reliable, and can interface with almost all major platforms, providing flexibility and ease of expansion. KNX is an obvious contender for largest automation platform in the world, with over 500 manufactures producing products for the system. This depth in support and functionality makes KNX the ideal choice for the ever-growing demands of Home Automation.

Atul Batra has been teaching KNX in Australia since 2020 and he is keen to share his knowledge with new students.

Meet your trainer: Craig Ross

Craig Ross has been working for the past 16 years in the groundbreaking field of KNX technology, an Open Protocol that now allows a wide range of diverse and independent products and technologies to be managed by one protocol.

Initially developed in Europe, this technology is now rapidly expanding into the Australian market. Craig was one of the early adopters as he recognized early on with the growth of the home automation field that proprietary protocols had significant drawbacks to widespread uptake in the domestic market.

Cost and compatibility are a paramount consideration in this market sector. Whilst initial consumer demand was acceptable at the high end of the market, the current trend now is to install more “Smart Home” technology, especially in the areas of security, home automation, entertainment and energy efficiency. The demand for KNX has never been greater.

Craig not only works closely with product suppliers but also provides design, consulting and programming support to many electrical contractors in their own customers’ projects.

Craig now brings that skill, experience and knowledge to this exciting new course.

Course Dates

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Time of day Start Date Availability
KNX Condensed Practical Basic Course
(Monday 05/08 - Tuesday 06/08 - South Melbourne)
05/08/2024 to 06/08/2024 Register
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