Men and women of the electrical industry. Do you have a passion for teaching?

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teaching electrical apprentices

Philip Green, CEO NECA Education & Careers

Have you ever thought that about being a trade teacher?

Perhaps you get a real buzz out of training and mentoring apprentices? Maybe you’re over the stress of running your own business, or the years of hard work have taken a toll on your body? Or are you struggling to find that work-life balance?

Teaching apprentices can be a very rewarding career for many people and is a great way of passing on your knowledge and skills and giving back to the industry.

We’re inviting experienced electrical tradespeople and data-comms technicians who think they may have an interest in becoming trade teachers to contact NECA Education & Careers and discuss how this can become a reality.

Our structured program successfully transitions tradespeople from industry to the classroom and trains them to become teachers. We know the program works because it’s how we’ve developed and trained some of our best teachers. We also have a supportive culture where our experienced teachers mentor and pass on their trade and teaching knowledge and skills to our newest and trainee teachers.

At the recent NECA Education & Careers Excellence Awards, Nick Oakes, one of two joint winners for Teacher of the Year, spoke about being part of a dedicated team. “Really the job of a teacher is to train. Be passionate about what you do.”

Nick also mentioned the attitude within NECA Education & Careers of wanting to be the best we can be. “It’s a pleasure to teach in a company that really does treasure teaching what being an electrician is all about,” he said.

NECA Education & Careers is one of the largest and most successful electrical trade schools in Victoria. Our success means that we want to train and employ more trade teachers.

teaching electrical apprentices

Does this sound like you?

  • At least 5 years of recent experience as a licensed electrician or data-comms technician
  • An all-rounder with a good mix of theory and its practical application
  • Interest and/or experience in training and mentoring apprentices
  • A desire to further your own education


We would love to hear from you.
Please contact Steve Marshall on 9389 9920 or

This article originally appeared in the January 2019 edition of The Buzz Newsletter by Protect.


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