Dodgy Training Providers

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As you will have seen over recent months the Victorian Government and training regulators have been auditing public and private training providers.

A number of these providers have been found to be substandard and there are concerns that both students and tax payers are being ‘ripped off’.

Some providers have been forced to repay funds and some closed their doors.

More specific concerns are allegations of:

  • Training courses being delivered in ridiculously short time frames
  • High pressure and unethical sales techniques
  • Substandard training with few students completing

Many of these providers and their tactics are targeted to training courses which attract funding under the Federal Government VET Fee Help program

I want assure you that NECA Education & Careers does not engage in any of these practices and nor are we involved in the VET Fee Help scheme at all. In fact, a recent Victorian Government audit of NECA Education & Careers demonstrated that we are meeting our obligations under our contract to the Government.

As an industry leader in electrical training we take our reputation seriously.

We continue to invest in business and training improvements to further reinforce our commitment to best practice and regulatory compliance to ensure we are the provider of choice.

  • Implementation of new teaching, learning and assessment resources including greater emphasis on practical activities to build trade skills.
  • Investment in new equipment and practical activities to ensure training remains contemporary.
  • The ongoing professional development of our teaching staff.

Should you have any questions regarding NECA Education & Careers’ regulatory compliance or would like further information or advice on the current issues effecting training providers then please contact Angela Gaylard on 0418 187 672.


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