You’re busy…crazy busy and you need someone to help out. Do you need specialised staff? Probably not, but an extra pair of hands would be ideal, then see how NECA Education and Careers can help with an apprentice or trainee.

Did you know we have electrical apprentices ranging from 1st to 4th year, all with differing ranges of skills and experience, ready to give you a hand and help you get your job finished on time and within budget. Supplementary labour is hard to find, especially specific to the Electrical Industry. No longer can we have Trade Assistants exposed to the electrical components of the job which leaves us with two choices; lease an A grade or lease an apprentice. But there is the alternative. Leasing an apprentice from NECA Education & Careers can be a liberating process. Not only do you get that extra pair of hands that can assist with all of your electrical requirements under supervision, you also save yourself from Payroll Tax, Superannuation, Work Cover, Government reporting, Co-ordinating and management of the Apprenticeship and all of the tiresome administration that goes along with hiring a new recruit.

Once the job is finished, if you have another job you want them to carry on with, keep the apprentice and continue on with the lease. If the job finishes up and your next big job isn’t for another couple of months, return the apprentice and see if you can pick them back up when you need them again.

Find yourself staying back after hours to prepare the necessary paperwork for the next days business.  Business needs to happen in the business hours …and the administration? Well we either stay behind or we get behind, neither being the preferred option. Did you know that we can recruit a trainee specifically for your company? Are you aware that there are a myriad of people just waiting for opportunities to show the world what they have to offer?

NECA Education & Careers can put one and one together for a happy office environment.  A Trainee is usually someone who is looking to move out of the retail/hospitality style of casual work roles into something that is more solid, five days a week and will lead them to a career outcome.

Trainees need to be supervised in the workplace so if you are there doing your business and they are able to refer to you for questions and direction, it could be an ideal work outcome. Trainees must study a nationally recognised qualification along with the on the job training which just leads them to being a more rounded in the workplace.

Trainees can come in many different disciplines including office support, human resources, finance, marketing, customer service, IT support and many more.

Call us today to speak to a consultant about how a trainee can suit your business.