Apprentice & Trainee Recruitment Services

Is your current recruitment process taking up a lot of your time and energy? Having difficulty finding the right apprentice or trainee for your business? NECA Education & Careers recruits, inducts and places electrical apprentices and business/IT trainees with companies, finding you the very best candidates and taking away the hassle of sifting through countless resumes.

Read on to find out more about the recruitment services we can offer you.

Here are some ways that outsourcing the recruitment of your apprentices and trainees benefits you:

Save time recruiting electrical apprentices and business/IT trainees

As a business owner in Victoria or Tasmania, you’ve got a million things to do, and outsourcing the recruitment of your apprentices and trainees will take a very time-consuming process off your hands. Say goodbye to sorting through hundreds of resumes and cover letters and leave all of this to us, confident in the knowledge that we’ll be finding you the best electrical apprentice or business/IT trainee for your company.

We have existing trainee and apprentice recruitment systems in place

The other benefit of outsourcing the recruitment of your electrical apprentices, or the trainees for your business or IT program, is that professional recruiters have efficient systems in place to manage the process from start to finish. We already have the interview questions and we are constantly tweaking our questions to make them more suitable for the responses that we need.

We also have the HR and recruitment expertise to pick up on things that you might miss. We’re trained in how to read body language signals. We can pick a tall tale or an exaggerated story a mile away and we also pick up on the things that candidates don’t say in an interview – which can often be just as important as what they do.

Want to find out more about how NECA Education & Careers can help you recruit the best trainees or electrical apprentices? Contact our Victorian office directly on (03) 9381 1922, our Hobart office on (03) 6245 0770 or get in touch via our online contact form.