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Here at NECA Education & Careers, we’re focused on achieving the very best outcomes for everybody in the industry. For apprentices, that means providing opportunities to work alongside experienced contractors, learn new skills and build the foundations of a successful career. For electrical businesses and contractors, it means simplifying the process of taking on an apprentice, ensuring that they reap all of the benefits without having to spend hours sifting through red tape.

Our goal is to provide everybody in the electrical sector with the tools they need to do their best work, and we achieve it with our Apprentice Management Program and a range of other services. Here’s what we can do for you.

Finding, employing and managing an electrical apprentice

Almost every contractor knows how important apprentices are to the electrical industry. Aside from the fact that they help businesses complete more work, the process of mentoring a young, keen employee provides a chance to give back to the industry and contribute to the next generation of electricians. Unfortunately, the process isn’t very simple, and the cost of employing an apprentice, both financial and in terms of time, can quickly spiral out of control.

NECA Education & Careers can change that, with our Apprentice Management Program (AMP) which takes care of all the little details, so you can get on with the important business of working on job sites and showing your apprentice the ropes. From recruitment, managing payroll and induction all the way through to ongoing mentoring, our experienced team are on hand to make sure the apprentice-leasing process runs smoothly. From a contractor’s end, the process couldn’t be simpler. You’ll receive an invoice once a week, and taking care of that is all the paperwork you’ll have to worry about!

There are so many benefits to taking on an apprentice, and by working with NECA Education & Careers you’ll be able to enjoy all of these without having to make any compromises.

How it works: Breaking down the AMP

At NECA Education & Careers, we know how busy electrical contractors can get, which is why we’ve designed the Apprentice Management Program to be as simple as possible. The whole process starts with you, where you tell us exactly what you’re looking for. This could be to do with level of experience or personality, but we’ll do our very best to find an apprentice who perfectly suits your needs – without you having to go through the time-consuming recruitment process.

Once the right person has been found, we’ll place them within your business, having already completed induction so that you can get stuck in right away! We also offer flexible employment arrangements, with contract terms based on your specific needs.

We also understand that not every contractor has the free time needed to comprehensively mentor an apprentice, even if they do want to play their part in assisting the next generation. To make sure that you’re not feeling overstretched, and that our apprentices are getting access to everything they need, each trainee is assigned a dedicated Industry Careers Consultant, who will provide mentoring and ensure the apprenticeship is progressing as it should. We’ll also provide site visits, to make sure that everything from OH&S compliance to appropriate toolkit access is being looked after.

Above all, our focus at NECA Education & Careers is making sure that every single person involved in the apprenticeship process is getting the most out of it. This is what we can do for you, and you can get in touch with us today to get started.

“For every $1 invested by host employers in GTOs, they received $1.70 value in return”

(Group Training Organisation – Baseline Social Return on Investment Report)
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