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NECA Education and Careers provides professional apprentice management services to businesses, and creates quality employment and training opportunities for those wanting to kick start their career.

There are many benefits to employing apprentices within your business, leasing through NECA Education and Careers is a simple business solution that is cost effective and saves you time.

We take away all the time, stress and hassle and ensure all aspects of apprentice management are covered, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Why you should lease a NECA Education and Careers apprentice

Flexible employment arrangements: Contract terms will be ascertained to reach your business needs.

Recruitment and selection becomes easier: We will advertise, interview and facilitate aptitude testing, reference checks before you lease them.

Intensive induction: Apprentices attend an intensive induction that includes:

  • Online and face-to-face induction program (covering safety and workplace awareness)
  • Scissor lift, boom and vertical lift training (if applicable)
  • Apprenticeship training agreement paperwork
  • Enrolment in trade school
  • Provide protective clothing and equipment (PPE).

Minimal paperwork: We take out the stress of managing an apprentice by recruiting, mentoring, training, administering payroll, superannuation, annual leave, leave loading, RDO entitlements, WorkCover, injury management and trade school enrolment. We take on all legal obligations as the employer.

Mentoring and Monitoring: Each apprentice is assigned to a dedicated Industry Careers Consultant to mentor and ensure they are up-to-date for the duration of their apprenticeship.

The Industry Careers Consultant monitors the apprentice’s on-the-job and off-the-job components of their apprenticeship by conducting quarterly site visits covering:

  • OH&S awareness and compliance
  • Managing personal issues and discipline where necessary
  • Work exposure
  • Review PPE
  • Review Toolkits
  • Monitor and discuss trade school work.

The Industry Careers Consultant provides you with progress reports to review the apprentice’s performance for both on-the-job and off-the-job studies.

Cost: You will receive a weekly invoice from NECA Education and Careers clearly identifying all costs and charges. NECA Education and Careers Apprentices are paid their wages in accordance with the applicable award.

Construction Induction Card Training: NECA Education and Careers arranges the industry approved Construction Induction training for applicants if required.

Test and Impress: You have the opportunity to ‘test and impress’ the apprentices, ideal if you’re looking for someone long term and can train them to suit your business.

How does it work?

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“For every $1 invested by host employers in GTOs, they received $1.70 value in return”

(Group Training Organisation – Baseline Social Reutn on Investment Report)
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