Supervisor teaching assisting trainee working in Information Technology (IT)

NECA Education & Careers provides professional trainee management services to public and private sectors, and creates quality employment and training opportunities for those wanting to kick start their career.

NECA Education & Careers currently offer the following traineeships:

  • Telecommunications
  • Business
  • Information Technology

There are many benefits to employing trainees within your business, leasing through NECA Education & Careers is a simple business solution that is cost effective and saves you time.

We manage everything for you! Plus: “For every $1 invested by host employers in GTOs, they received $1.70 of value in return.” (Group Training Organisation – Baseline social return on investment report). Click here to download the report.

How does it work?

“Partnering with NECA Education & Careers has been effortless and seamless. They take the time to understand our team, find out what skills we need, and discuss the type of candidate we are looking for.

Options are important and they provide candidates that are the right fit. Furthermore they conduct reference checks and follow up with any questions or concerns we
may have.”Katherine Smith – Department of Health and Human Services

Initially NECA Education & Careers will meet with you to understand:

  • Your business
  • What you are looking for
  • Scope of the business
  • How best the apprentice/trainee will assist
  • Your business culture
  • Areas of training; and
  • Your budget.

From there, a position description will be developed and approved by you.

Lease a trainee today!