Why lease an apprentice or trainee

So, you’ve decided to take on an apprentice or trainee. Great! They provide all sorts of different benefits to contractors, from a capacity to take on additional work all the way through to the simple satisfaction of giving back to the industry. However, there’s one decision you need to make first, and that’s whether you’ll handle the process yourself, or go down a simpler path and seek management assistance by leasing through NECA Education & Careers.

It can be tempting to go it alone, but without the right support, it’s easy for what should be a simple process to spiral out of control, taking up too much of your time and negatively impacting your business. Here at NECA Education & Careers, we don’t think any contractor should have to make that sacrifice, which is why our alternatives to hiring an apprentice or trainee are designed to be as stress-free as possible.

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“For every $1 invested by host employers in GTOs, they received $1.70 value in return”

(Group Training Organisation – Baseline Social Return on Investment Report)