End-of-year holidays are close, but the year isn’t over yet…

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It’s coming to that time of the year where jobs, big and small, are coming to a close for the end-of-year shutdown and as such, are under the pump to meet deadlines and get as much done as possible before the big break. With the holidays well within sight and with the pressure to meet deadlines on the job, we can easily lose sight and our focus on how to do a job safely.

The end-of-year break is the perfect time for us all to put our feet up and get some well needed rest and relaxation after a full year’s hard work. Whether it is a holiday away from home or spending time at home with our friends, family or loved ones, we want you to be able to enjoy your break to its full potential.

This means to finish off the year without any incidents, accidents or injuries.  With the holidays so close we can taste it, it can be easy for our minds to wander from the job at hand and how to do it safely and on to our grand plans for our break. This could be all it takes! A simple lapse in concentration and focus on safe work practises and an incident can occur that blows all plans with friends, family and loved ones up in smoke.

Remember to always stay focused on safety and the safety of others while on the job and DO NOT substitute your safety, or the safety of others, to finish a job quicker. We want you to leave for your break with a full bill of health and we want you to return that way. Remember, it takes longer to heal than to do a job safely!!


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