Enhanced Parental Leave Benefits

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An update to NECA Education & Careers’ company policy doesn’t usually merit a press release and fancy announcement from our CEO except when that policy update includes enhanced parental leave benefits for all staff; that is teachers, administration, apprentices and trainees.

The new NECA Education & Careers Paid Parental Leave scheme will run in addition to the Government’s Paid Parental Leave scheme and from 8 March 2018 we will be providing 12 weeks paid parental leave for primary care givers and 2 weeks paid parental leave for non-primary care givers.

The scheme will see approx. 400 of our employees be given the opportunity to benefit from enhanced Parental Leave benefits.

“We value our employees and want everyone to feel they are a part of the family. Not having paid parental leave didn’t align to this. We want to attract and retain good employees and be an employer of choice” commented Philip Green, CEO.

Women’s increasing workforce participation and the fact that men are no longer the sole breadwinners, means that people are looking for greater options around unpaid care and paid work and so we have developed a policy to support changing family needs.

“Plus we are committed to increasing female participation in the electrical trade, so we need to lead by example and this is just one of the many ways we support female participation”.

As part of NECA Education & Careers’ commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion it is hoped that this scheme will see an increase in the uptake of paid leave for our employees including apprentices & trainees and provide them with an opportunity to be there for the crucial moments of their child’s life.

Enhanced parental leave benefits for NECA Education & Careers employees:

  • Twelve weeks employer-provided paid Parental Leave for primary care givers & two weeks employer-provided paid Parental Leave for non-primary care givers.
  • Superannuation paid for the duration of employer-provided paid Parental Leave
  • Employees continue to accrue all leave while on employer-provided paid parental leave.
  • All staff, including our apprentices & trainees, qualify for the new entitlements after a minimum of 12 months employment before the date or expected date of birth or adoption.
  • Staff continue to qualify for other parental benefits including job flexibility upon return to work, although these will be assessed on a case by case basis.

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