Angela Abreu – CFO

Angela is a lover of adventure, music, dancing and long walks.

Angela has held several Financial Controller roles in private organisations, gaining valuable experience across multiple industries including manufacturing, retail, and advertising. Angela is passionate about making a difference and striving for continuous improvement. She has proven this through her implementation of large innovative systems and by driving high performance teams.

As the Chief Financial Officer, Angela is responsible for leading the organisation to achieve favourable financial results, managing our finance, student services, and payroll departments, as well as the compliance reporting for the Registered Training Organisation.

By creating a process-driven environment, Angela has made it possible to enable her teams to drive continuous improvement and lead process review methodologies within NECA Education & Careers. Doing so encourages teams and individuals to reflect on what they do and look at ways that they could do it better. Providing accountability to teams in relation to targets and financial key performance indicators has seen an increased engagement with key business drivers and each team driven to take accountability for their own performance.

Since starting with NECA Education & Careers in 2015 Angela has implemented a range of business improvements that have seen positive results across the business financially but have also made improvements to the business culture and engagement of staff. Most recently Angela has led the business through a system upgrade which has seen our payroll system move online.

Angela loves working at NECA Education & Careers because of the challenges it presents and the constantly evolving nature of the organisation.

Angela’s why is being a part of, and making an impact in, developing and growing the business of NECA Education & Careers and its people.

“I am very appreciative of the great teams and how much effort they put into their work and how they are always willing to help, learn and grow.”
Angela Abreu