Gary Vidler – General Manager – Careers (Tas)

Gary enjoys his camping and a little karaoke

Gary has been with NECA Education & Careers for over 13 years, after working for 15 years in Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety. He has had a strong connection to construction and trade since he completed his apprenticeship as a mature aged apprentice under group employment. Beginning during his apprenticeship, Gary spent many years in the heavy industrial and building related industries.

Gary’s responsibilities as the General Manager-Careers of NECA Education & Careers in Tasmania include the management of all Industry Career Consultants and Strategic Direction of the Group Training Services provided by NECA Education & Careers, along with a case load of trainees and apprentices. Gary is in charge of delivering quality skilled trainees and apprentices to businesses.

The leadership and direction that Gary has provided has seen many audits successfully completed, and NECA Education & Careers training implemented in Tasmania including the allocation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points and the engagement of key partnerships.

Gary leads his team by understanding how different people are able to work together effectively. He uses this talent to help create partnerships and working groups that complement each other. As General Manager GTO Gary is able to take advantage of his self-motivation and uses this to drive a high performing team in Tasmania.

Gary’s passion and commitment for mentoring and supporting the apprentices and trainees employed through NECA Education & Careers in Tasmania can be seen in the amazing completion results we see come from his team year after year.

Gary loves working for NECA Education & Careers because of the culture of support and teamwork that has been built over time.

Gary’s why is the prospect of facing a new challenge.

“I enjoy the interaction with my staff and our clients and enjoy seeing our apprentices and trainees succeed.”
Gary Vidler