Philip Green – CEO

Loves a challange! – Giant Jenga competiton Open Day

Philip was appointed CEO of NECA Education & Careers in July 2014; previously he was a Director, while working as the Executive Director of NECA Victoria.

NECA Victoria is the peak industry body that represents the interests of the electrical and communications contracting industry in Australia. Philip played a key part in the 2010 restructure which saw NECA become the sole ‘stakeholder’ of NECA Education & Careers (previously NECA was a 50% stakeholder). Given the synergy between both businesses, Philip is now able to use his skills and industry background to build and position NECA Education & Careers as the premier provider of training and apprenticeship services to the Victorian electro-technology industry.

Over the last 30 years he has seen significant change within the electrical and education space. By leading an industry association through both the digital and renewable revolutions, periods of unpredictability and uncertainty for many, he developed a willingness to take calculated risks, an enthusiasm to try new things, and a desire to be a market leader. Philip is passionate about driving high performing teams to deliver first-rate outcomes for the business and industry.

Philip has driven a heap of change during his time as CEO for NECA Education & Careers including; the creation of practical rooms specifically developed for the delivery of LEA Tutorials, Open Registration, Structured & Coaxial Cabling, Grid Connect and Battery Storage, the installation of our very own 15 KW Hybrid Solar and Battery system, supporting the business through a complete rebrand, and is currently leading the charge to increase the engagement of women in the trade.

Philip’s why is because he loves his job.

“I enjoy the challenge of working at NECA Education & Careers, both the electrical and education industries are always dynamic and changing and after 30 years in the industry I still get a buzz out of giving young people an opportunity.” Philip Green