Mental Health Awareness with Love Me Love You

13 November 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to mental health and moving towards positive change in industry attitudes, NECA Education & Careers recently partnered with non-profit…

20 Years Celebrating Education & Careers

13 November 2019

The 20th annual NECA Education & Careers Excellence Awards were celebrated on Tuesday 29 October 2019 at Crown, hosted by two NECA Education & Careers…

What’s the Difference Between an Apprenticeship and Traineeship?

13 November 2019

If you’re looking to kickstart your career, completing an apprenticeship or traineeship is a great option. You’ll learn on the job as you go, picking up all the essential skills and knowledge you need to build a successful career in your field of choice.

2019 RTO Performance Summary Report

13 November 2019

Since 1991 we have seen significant growth in our trade school numbers. Enrolling a total of over 35,000 pre-apprentice, apprentice and fee for service students…