Super savings and first home deposit

17 July 2018

Saving for your first home? There’s a new scheme in town. Find out more in this guest blog from Cbus. To help more first home…

How can I afford an Apprenticeship?

17 July 2018

Taking your first step into an apprenticeship is exciting time.It will be an adventure full of new freedoms and responsibility. But how are you going to pay for the inevitable costs that come with it? Let’s have a look at what you will have to pay and the assistance that’s available.

Licensed Electrician's Assessment: Everything you need to know

Licensed Electrician’s Assessment: Everything you need to know

17 July 2018

If you’re set on becoming an electrician you can look forward to four years of learning the skills and knowledge of the trade. But how do you go from apprentice to fully licensed sparky? In short the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment. Passing this is the key to the start of your career, so what do you need to know?