Let NECA Education & Careers take the hassle out of apprentice management

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By now you’re back into the working rhythm, and the Christmas shutdown seems like a distant memory, but something is missing… if only you had an extra pair of hands to get things really running smoothly.

Taking on an apprentice might seem like an obvious solution, but when you look at what’s involved, there are a lot of items to check off the list both before and during an apprentice’s time with your business. This is where NECA Education & Careers can help.

Instead of employing an apprentice yourself, why not lease an apprentice through the NECA Education & Careers Apprentice Management Program (AMP)? The difference is that our staff handle the administrative tasks, allowing you to get on with the job.

Let’s start at the beginning. The NECA Education & Careers recruitment team will advertise and interview to select the best candidate for your business. All of our apprentices then complete an induction into workplace health and safety, and culture, where they are also provided with the tools, uniform and PPE they’ll need on site.

Once the apprentice is part of your team, you’ll need to think about their wages. EBA rates, allowances and loading are streamlined into one invoice, which is handled through our online payroll system. This system also simplifies the apprentice timesheet process.

We’ve turned to NECA Education & Careers, and they’ve streamlined our business and sent us good quality apprentices. We no longer have to go through the hassles of paperwork, basically just get a bill once a week, and we’ve found that the quality of apprentices has been fantastic.Matt Janecek, AJ’s Electrical

To make sure things are progressing well for both you and your apprentice, an Industry Careers Consultant will make regular site visits as well as being your point of contact with NECA Education & Careers. You will also be kept up to date with quarterly reports on your apprentice’s trade school, whether they attend our state-of-the-art facilities or another trade school or RTO.

We know that accidents happen sometimes, and if your apprentice is injured, our Return to Work Coordinator will help them stay engaged during their recovery and see them back onsite before you know it.

These all add up to enough reasons to outsource your apprentice management, so if you’re ready to make the apprenticeship process more simple, get in touch with NECA Education & Careers today.


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