Internet of Things: What it is and Why it Matters to Electricians

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If you’re like most electricians, there’s a fair chance you’re starting to come across more and more devices and systems that are part of the Internet of Things – and if you haven’t yet, you soon will.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to describe a device that is connected to the internet which collects and shares data. Right now, there are billions of IoT devices in the world – from single smart devices, to smart apartments to entire smart cities!

It’s clear that IoT technology is only going to get bigger, so now is the time to get yourself up to date. The good news is that there is training available to get you up to speed, in the form of our Course in the Application of the Internet of Things for Electrotechnology Workers. So if you’re keen to position yourself as an electrician who is across the latest technology, and open yourself up to a specialised area that is only going to get bigger, read on to find out exactly what IoT is and why it is a big deal for electricians.  

Examples of IoT devices

These days, many homes and businesses use IoT devices to complete a wide range of tasks and applications. From home devices that perform relatively simple tasks such as voice assistants, smart lights, locks, refrigerators and security systems, to large-scale devices like autonomous farming equipment that are far more complex, there are endless examples of how IoT is fast becoming a way of life.

Smart meters are another well-known example of IoT that can be found in most homes across Victoria. And if you use a fitness tracker to monitor your progress towards your health goals, you are carrying an IoT device with you everywhere you go.

What electricians need to know about IoT

As an electrician, if you understand how the IoT ecosystem works, and know how to design, install and fix IoT systems and devices, you give yourself a big advantage over your competitors. While IoT has been around for at least a decade, it is still an emerging technology, which means there’s a good opportunity to position yourself as an expert if you upskill now.

What’s more, from all accounts it would seem that the technology is only going to get bigger and more widespread, which should present plenty of work opportunities for those electricians who are skilled and ready to go.

Get the IoT knowledge and skills you need

If you’re a licensed electrician (with a current AMCA Open Registration Registration card) or a fourth year apprentice (who has completed UEENEEF102A or equivalent), and you want to be up to speed with emerging technologies, our Pilot Program Course could be for you. You’ll do the majority of the Application of Internet of Things for Electrotechnology Workers course online, working at your own pace from home, with just five on-site classroom days (spread across eight weeks) required. This makes it possible to fit in around your work and life commitments, which is a big plus. The course will give you a solid grounding in understanding IoT, before covering the principles of design, installation and integration. There is a focus on networks throughout, as the technology is moving away from standalone devices towards integrated systems of various sizes and scales.

Get ahead of the game

When you can include ‘IoT specialist’ on your list of electrical services, you set yourself apart. What’s more, by completing your IoT training now, in the early days of the technology, before it becomes a requirement, you give yourself a head start and position yourself as an expert.

Keen to find out more?

If you want to learn more about this course, you can head to the course page to find out dates and costs, or get in touch with our friendly team on 03 9381 1922 to discuss your suitability.

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