Martin Major – Industry Careers Consultant and OHS Coordinator

Martin is devoted to spending time with his wife, kids, and grandkids

Martin has over 30 years of experience in the electrical and communications industry. After completing his own apprenticeship, Martin was drawn to specialise in security. He also ran his own business in security electrical for 15 years, focusing on technology including CCTV, automation and access control.

After those 15 years, Martin decided it was time to give back to the industry. His first step on this journey was a brief period as a TAFE teacher, still in the area of security, where he also wrote some of the units he taught.

It was then that Martin became aware of the pilot program Energise Oz that NECA Victoria and E-Oz were implementing. Energise Oz aimed to improve apprentice retention in the industry, and mentoring the apprentices was a major part of the program. Martin stepped into the role of mentor with NECA Victoria, working there with apprentices for over 2 years before applying for his current position with NECA Education & Careers.

As well as his security business, Martin has previously owned or been part owner of an appliance repair business and a café. His knowledge of all aspects of running a business has been an asset, as has working across commercial, industrial and retail spaces within the electrical industry.

When he’s not at work, Martin is devoted to spending time with his wife, kids, and grandkids, particularly enjoying camping and holidaying with them.

Martin appreciates the empathy that his NECA Education & Careers colleagues have, and their genuine care for the apprentices and trainees. He recognises a culture where people who are different can work together rather than having a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

He also values believing in and listening to the apprentices to help them overcome hurdles they may face – empathy and empowerment.

Of his why, Martin said “I know that when I knock off, it’s made a difference – the responsibilities that come to me with apprentices.”

“We really do foster young people… we give them every opportunity to shine.” Martin Major