Matthew Natsis – Industry Careers Consultant

Matt loves travelling

Matthew’s journey commenced when he was still in high school, working with his family’s contracting business on weekends and during holidays. After completing tertiary study, Matthew decided to also complete his electrical apprenticeship. He then went on to work across all areas of the electrical industry, predominantly in the domestic space.

Matthew’s career took a major turn in 2010 when he decided to combine his qualifications and become a teacher with NECA Education & Careers to train the next generation of electricians. After 2 years, Matthew then became a mentor and advisor for the Managing Apprentice Progression national pilot project. This led to his current role as an Industry Careers Consultant and Apprentice Coordinator for NECA Education & Careers.

When he’s not working, Matthew loves travelling and visiting a place for the first time. Matthew is a big fan of most sports and he enjoys the company of his family and friends.

The thing Matthew likes best about working for NECA Education & Careers is the culture that exists as a result of working with people who fit into the organisation’s vision and values. He feels a strong sense of camaraderie among his colleagues as he recognises them to be people who are focused on what NECA Education & Careers is setting out to achieve.

Matthew understands that being in the business of facilitate opportunities for young people to forge a long term career in the electrical and communications industry is a worthy pursuit. Helping to turn these opportunities into quality careers is part of why Matthew does what he does.

Matthew’s why is the idea that the humble beginnings of an apprenticeship will one day lead to a person becoming a contractor, a project manager, or a special class electrician, which he finds inspiring.

“Knowing that the result of my work is leading to something very meaningful is what drives me the most.” Matthew Natsis