Philippa Jerram – Careers Administration

Philippa can be found playing Dungeons and Dragons, blogging, vlogging or even jumping out of a plane

Philippa is new to the electrical and communications industry, beginning a Business Administration traineeship with NECA Education & Careers in 2017. She has previously worked in hospitality, retail, call centres, charity and carpentry in administrative or reception roles.
Name an industry and she’s probably worked in it doing something people focused.

While her current role is different to what she has done before, these jobs prepared Philippa for the day-to-day operations at NECA Education & Careers, as she has recognised some similarities as well.

Philippa has found the independent study aspect of completing her training to perfectly suit her learning style. She is also enjoying new experiences with learning processes and organising meetings as part of her role supporting NECA Education & Careers recruitment and GTO.

Other tasks Philippa completes as part of the on-the-job side of the traineeship include assisting with inductions and providing PPE to apprentices; managing documents, files and spreadsheets; completing paperwork for apprentice and trainee lease agreements, contracts of employment, change of years, and completions.

When she’s not working, Philippa could be playing Dungeons and Dragons, power lifting, blogging, vlogging, or even jumping out of a plane.

Speaking about what she loves about working for NECA Education & Careers, Philippa said “what don’t I love?” More specifically, she finds the people fantastic – this is the happiest she has been in a work environment.

While Philippa was looking for her next job, she found that the values of NECA Education & Careers aligned with her own, and she decided the path NECA Education & Careers was on was something she wanted to be a part of.

Philippa’s why is that she enjoys the job and that it’s become part of a good routine.

“The job constantly challenges what I think I’m capable of, which I quite enjoy.” Philippa Jerram