Sally Sims – Administration Officer

Sally has fond memories of past apprentices and trainees and hearing how they have gone after they have completed

Sally has been working in the employment services industry for 15 years. She has had a range of roles including field officer, marketer, trainer, employment consultant and administration. Prior to NECA Education & Careers, Sally worked in job network services and disability services, most recently working from home for a national job service company. She has been part of the NECA Education & Careers team in Devonport for a total of 4 years.

Sally enjoys coming to work at NECA Education & Careers because she gets to come in and do her work, but have some fun at the same time. Sally also finds her colleagues, especially those in the Devonport office, very supportive. She appreciates the flexibility of her job and feels it contributes to a great work life balance.

When she’s not assisting apprentices and trainees Sally is completing her Bachelor of Education in order to help even younger students! Becoming a primary school teacher was something Sally had wanted to do since she was really young. She jumped at the chance of being able to study online as it would allow her to balance study with her family, and she has been studying for a couple of years.

Sally has fond memories of people who have come back two years after she has worked with them to thank her for helping them get their job, because they now have a house and a family.

Sally’s why is the interaction with people and helping people through her years of being in employment services.

“You don’t realise how much of a difference you make in other people’s lives, whether it’s finding them a job, or helping them train or something like that. It’s a good feeling that you get when you’re helping people achieve what they want to achieve.” Sally Sims