Philip Seeber – Industry Careers Consultant

You can find Phil in the great outdoors!

Philip worked as a tradesperson until his late 20s when he got a job in group training, an area he’s been working in ever since. In the 27 years that have followed, Philip has held a range of roles, mostly to do with the mentoring and recruitment of young people in a range of vocations into apprenticeships and traineeships. For the majority of this time Philip had managed apprentices in the electrical industry, which made him a perfect fit for NECA Education & Careers when he came on board in 2010.

Working for a business that operates in a moral and ethical way is incredibly important for Philip, and this is one of the reasons why he enjoys working for NECA Education & Careers.

Outside of work, Philip enjoys gardening and music, recently building his own stereo. Philip also spends a lot of his spare time involved with the Scouts along with his sons.

Philip believes it is important to like what you do and who you work with, and he finds that NECA Education & Careers ticks both of those boxes. He is motivated by the need to always be doing something, and enjoying his work means that he is able to channel this attitude into mentoring apprentices.

Philip is competitive, and he finds that the philosophy around being competitive and growing and developing informs his work. But as he experiences competitiveness in a way that is more about the training and build up than the competition, Philip places an emphasis on getting the process right. He also values having an understanding of competition, motivation and challenge, and the way these can be applied more widely.

Philip’s why is enjoying the work that he does.

“I like what we do, I think we do bring a strong value add.” Philip Seeber