Roxie Di Pastena – Careers & Return to Work Coordinator

Loves working with people and helping them achieve their dreams

Roxie has been a part of the NECA Education & Careers team since 2015. After completing a marketing diploma and deciding it wasn’t for her, Roxie worked in various roles in HR, OHS and return to work, mainly in the automotive industry. While she enjoyed the fulfilment from helping people return to work, she felt it was time for a change of industry, which led her to NECA Education & Careers.

In her current role Roxie has been able to continue providing that one-on-one help as a key point of contact for NECA Education & Careers apprentices, answering their questions and helping them return to work and prepare for their placements. Roxie also fields apprentice requests from host employers and works with the other GTO staff to organise placements.

As a result of the diverse group of people that she interacts with and working with people with different personalities, Roxie feels blessed working at NECA Education & Careers because she gets to experience the greatness of people.

Roxie has a lifelong passion for music, and when she’s not working she loves travelling and spending time at the beach.

The highlights of working at NECA Education & Careers for Roxie are the amazing people she has met and the friendships she has formed. Roxie loves having a laugh with the great team she is a part of, and having the best boss in the world. She also appreciates the friendly culture throughout NECA Education & Careers, which includes having a CEO who knows everyone’s name and chats with the staff.

Roxie’s why is the satisfaction she gets from doing her job.

“Everybody has something so unique and special about them that I love, and that’s one thing I really look forward to, just knowing what the day’s going to bring.” Roxie Di Pastena