Stacey Fedden – Recruitment Coordinator

Stacey is passionate about all things food

Stacey came to NECA Education & Careers in 2010 from a corporate recruitment career. Ready to return to the workforce after the birth of her son, Stacey didn’t want to return to her corporate role – she wanted a job that would interest her and make her feel good.

As she hadn’t worked in the electrical and communications industry before, Stacey relished the challenge. She jumped into the recruitment coordinator role, asked questions, and before she knew it she was involved in changing process, putting new systems into place, and recruiting a high calibre of apprentice.

The understanding Stacey has gained of NECA Education & Careers as a business across the GTO and RTO has served her well. Her role has expanded to include traineeships as well as apprenticeships, plus whatever General Manager John Taufer throws at her!

Outside of work Stacey is passionate about all things food, specifically making gluten free food awesome. She also loves being active through a range of sports including dancing, tennis, swimming and beach sports, as well as playing with her son and being a part of what he’s into.

Stacey feels that working with NECA Education & Careers gives her a voice, and that is very important to her. Having worked in a large corporate environment where she was limited to her specific position description, she loves that at NECA Education & Careers there is the opportunity to innovate something, and if it works for the business, be able to run with it.

Stacey respects NECA Education & Careers as a sounding board for new ideas in the electrical and communications industry. She advocates for recruiting people with the right attitude and ability to offer everything they can to the industry.

Stacey’s why is getting the right people into the industry by doing it right and doing it ethically.

“I seriously want to help grow and develop the electrical industry, I’ve grown quite an affection for it.” Stacey Fedden