Suzie Smith – Industry Careers Consultant

Suzie has been a part of the NECA Education & Careers family for 3 years, following a cadetship and then a full time role at another group training organisation. During the cadetship Suzie completed a Certificate IV in Field Operations and first entered the role of Industry Careers Consultant.

This was a very different experience to her previous role working on a cruise ship. Suzie was part of the on-boarding of new employees and had the chance to work with people from all over the world. Having a job in a big floating city allowed Suzie to visit Mexico, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, with her love of travel also taking her to London, the United States and Canada.

As an Industry Careers Consultant for NECA Education & Careers trainees, Suzie enjoys the variety of the role, where no day is the same as the one before. She finds that the trainees keep her on her toes, and keep her entertained as well!

Also keeping Suzie on her toes are her two kids, a 4 year old and a 9 month old. They inspire her to set an example of professionalism and to demonstrate that women are just as valued in the workplace as men, an attitude Suzie says she got from her own mother.

Suzie appreciates the supportive, family environment of NECA Education & Careers. She recognises compassion and good values in her colleagues, who contribute to a supportive feeling in the workplace.

Suzie’s why is the willingness to learn something new and the desire to constantly be further developing her skills.

“If I can provide that same work ethic to my kids and they understand good work behaviours then I think I’m setting them up for a good future as well.” Suzie Smith