Tenille White – Industry Careers Consultant

If you can’t guess Tenille loves Christmas!

Tenille worked in beauty therapy for 10 years, first as a therapist and then as a trainer at an RTO. While she was working as a trainer she finished a Bachelor of Business with majors in HR and management. Tenille then moved into a HR advisor role, and from there came to be an Industry Careers Consultant for NECA Education & Careers in 2017.

The HR aspects from her previous roles prepared Tenille for her current role and they are what she particularly enjoys. There are also some similarities between Tenille’s involvements in traineeships in beauty and at NECA Education & Careers, but there are also a lot of differences, including the different perspective of being an educator and an Industry Careers Consultant.

Tenille was also involved in recruitment during her time in the beauty industry, which prepared her for her role with NECA Education & Careers, which she finds a more hands on approach.

When she’s not working, Tenille could be travelling or going all out planning events for occasions like birthdays and Christmas. She has visited 38 countries, including her time working at Disneyworld in Florida.

The highlights of the job for Tenille relate to helping people find solutions and come up with strategies, finding it satisfying when her trainees complete. Tenille finds NECA Education & Careers a great environment to work in, with supportive and encouraging colleagues. She appreciates having the flexibility to be able to make her role what she needs to make it.

Tenille also likes the variety and the feeling that no two days are the same.

Tenille’s why is that she loves working with people.

“You can see them grow and watch them develop, and that’s really satisfying… you’ve been a part of helping them become a professional, you’ve been a part of helping them find a role, or grow into something… that’s a bit of a special feeling.” Tenille White