Vicky Bird – Industry Careers Consultant

Vicky and her gorgeous family

Vicky said of her career, “basically my whole working life has been dealing with apprentices and trainees.” This began at 17 at Tasmanian Group Training New Apprenticeships Centre where Vicky worked as a Field Support Officer, completing paperwork and working with training contracts for the field officers there. After 2 years she moved to another apprenticeship centre where she worked as a field officer for 4 years. Vicky then worked in a HR role as she and her fiancé started planning to travel Australia.

They lived in Mackay for 2 years where Vicky worked in an administrative business support role, and then as a field officer, for an apprenticeship centre there. Following this they travelled some more, eventually coming to Melbourne and a group training role for Vicky.

Returning to Tasmania, Vicky had a role as a Business Support Officer and Executive Assistant to the General Manager of Distribution for what is now known as TasNetworks. This role also included looking after the apprentices employed there, and this was how she met Gary Vidler, General Manager Careers for NECA Education & Careers Tasmania.

After organisational changes that would have meant reapplying for her job, Vicky chose instead to leave work to have her daughter. When she was ready to re-enter the workforce, Gary got in touch, resulting in her current role with NECA Education & Careers in Tasmania.

Vicky lives on a small farm in Tasmania with her husband (her high school sweetheart!), their two young daughters, lots of sheep and chooks, and a Labrador.

What Vicky loves about working for NECA Education & Careers is being able to support young people to achieve their dreams.

Vicky’s why is giving her girls a good example of someone who is working hard to get ahead in life.

“To actually help people get their dreams, achieve their goals and what they want in life is quite satisfying.” Vicky Bird