Empowering Women to Succeed in Electrical

Female electrical apprentice in protective gear working on electrical motors.

We are committed to providing more career opportunities for women in electrical, and are determined to break down the barriers deterring women from entering the industry. Only 4.6% of all new electrical apprenticeships offered in 2020 were to women. Only 352 (3.5%) of 10,000 electrical apprentices in Victoria/Tasmania at the start of 2021 were women. Continued underrepresentation of women within our industry needs to be addressed.

We believe that the underrepresentation could in part be due to a lack of understanding of what career options and opportunities are available for females in the electrical industry.

As a leading educator, employer and advocate in this industry we are committed to diversity and inclusion and a proud to launch our Women and Their Trade (WaTT) initiative which will focus on attracting over 30 women into the electrical industry over the next two years in both Victoria and Tasmania. This initiative is endorsed and supported by the Victorian and Tasmania’s Governments and their ambition to encourage more women into electrical apprenticeships.

Meet McKenzie, Alex and Emily

Listen to our female electrical apprentices and how they have excelled in their careers.

Women and Their Trade (WaTT)

Female electrical apprentice using a power drill to drill in a screw

Women and Their Trade (WaTT) Victoria was launched in September 2021. The NECA Education & Career initiative has been developed with the support of and conjunction with Apprenticeships Victoria Women in Apprenticeships Project with funding from the Victorian Government’s Apprenticeship Innovation fund.

WaTT will include specific incentives for women to access and assist them in their electrical career when they become part of our Group Training services where they will earn while they learn.
The initiative will encourage women into the electrical industry through:

  • Dedicated A grade Electrician mentors – a fellow woman to guide and support female apprentices
  • ‘Try a Trade’ workshops – designed to give women hands on insights into working in the electrical industry
  • Specific training in financial management, resilience and strengths-based support
  • Fully equipping them to be ‘work ready’ through supply of tools and full personal protective equipment (PPE) when they start on the job
  • Excellent education and certification through one of our aligned TAFE partners
  • Access to a strong network of females in the electrical industry, events, opportunities.

Women and Their Trade – Tasmania

WaTT Tasmania has been developed in conjunction with Communities Tasmania and the Tasmanian State Government’s ‘Supporting Women to Succeed’ program.

WaTT Tasmania will aim to address the perceptions of women in electrical industry and potential barriers to employment.

WaTT Tasmania is focused on employing females into electrical and allied apprenticeships from, both junior and mature aged entry proving them with similar mentoring and support throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. In addition, we will seek further employment opportunities for women within the broader electrical contracting businesses who self-employ.

For Tasmanian applicants

Female electrical apprentice using a screwdriver to screw in an electrical fitting to a wall.Candidates who are interested in progressing past the initial information stage will be invited to:

  • Sit an electrical readiness assessment – this aptitude test gives an indication of the theoretical aspects of the trade and provides associated learning resources to assist with personal development and assistance as part of building a profile of the candidate’s aptitude toward the electrical trade
  • Undertake an assessment which gauges a potential career profile and suitability towards an electrical apprenticeship
  • Undertake two “Empower” units which covers resilience, emotional awareness and related strengths.