Rose In Operation

Rose Lindner is one of just two female operators at Nyrstar Hobart and three-months into her apprenticeship we checked in to find out about Rose’s experience.

Q. Why did you want to become a trainee operator?

“I wanted to work in industry and mum and dad thought it was an awesome opportunity for me when we saw the job advertisement.  I also have a family connection with the site as both my father and uncle gained their fitter and turner apprenticeships here and my grandfather actually worked in leach which is where I am currently working!”

Q. What has been the most challenging aspect of the job so far?

“I found the actual recruitment process a challenge, there were so many applicants, most of them being men with trade qualifications or industry experience so with my limited industry work experience the only thing that really made me competitive is my university degree.

Apart from that adjusting to shift work and finding routine was hard, I was trying to do too much and not giving myself enough time to rest.  I was also eating badly, on night shift I was having high sugar foods and I soon realised I needed to eat more sustainable energy foods like chicken and rice to stop the energy peaks and crashes I was experiencing.  The healthy messages from the site and tips from Paris Hollywood (Hobart Health and Wellbeing Coordinator) have been important.”

Q. You mentioned you have a university degree, what did you study?

“I have had a love of science since I was in primary school and last year I completed a bachelor of science with a double major in Geology and Environmental science. I took part in vacation programs at mine sites during my studies.”

Q. You are young, female and working in a male dominated environment, has that been intimidating for you at all?

Not at all, It can be hard to settle into a new workplace regardless of gender or age but my team mates are great blokes. I really enjoy the environment of being comrades together. I’m not afraid to ask stupid question, they are really supportive and make me feel right at home, it turns out I actually went to school with some of their kids! I was really conscious of making sure they were comfortable around me when I first started so I made sure I dropped a few jokes in here and there.

Q. Would you recommend the role of an operator to other women?

“Absolutely! Every workplace does better when the workforce has diversity, we can all add value.  The role allows you to develop an understanding of the business from the bottom up and it’s a great way to meet people, develop networks and build on practical skills. It is physically demanding and in particular you need good upper body strength, but a bit of work at the gym sorts that out!”

Source: Nyrstar Star