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Why work for us?

NECA Education & Careers is not your run-of-the-mill TAFE or employer of apprentices and trainees. We’re a small-ish business and we’re on a quest to provide award winning customer service to everyone who walks through our doors or connects with us.

Quite a goal, huh? Here’s how we know we’ll get there…

Our team are enthusiastic and absolutely passionate about making a difference to the lives of young men and women… the common theme is #howfarcanyougo.

What’s more, we know that when you give a talented team the support and culture to make a difference… the results can be incredible. We appeal to the smart, intelligent and hardworking. We’re not for everyone. Our motto is confidence without attitude.

We’ve been around for a long time (don’t let our age fool you) and we’re looking for like-minded people who want to grow with us.