LEA Tutorials in Focus: Safe Work Practices (SWP)

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When you reach the end of your electrical apprenticeship, it’s time to book yourself in to complete the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA).

In Victoria, passing the LEA is the final step in becoming a fully-fledged A-grade electrician – and to do so, you’ll need to pass three separate assessments:

  • Safe Work Practices (SWP)
  • Licensed Electrician’s Theory (LET)
  • Licensed Electrician’s Practical (LEP)

Depending on your level of confidence, and the knowledge and practical skills you’ve built up throughout your apprenticeship, successfully passing all three LEA assessments may have you feeling a little nervous. The good news is, that if you need to brush up on your skills, you can complete an LEA tutorial on some or all of them before you take the tests.

Completing an LEA tutorial will not only provide a valuable refresher on the content covered in the assessments, it will also give you a massive boost in confidence. Walking in on the day, thinking ‘I’ve got this’ compared to freaking out is huge!

Not sure if a tutorial is worth the time, effort or money? Stay tuned – over the next few weeks we’ll take a closer look at each of the three LEA tutorials, to help you decide if completing one is right for you – starting with Safe Working Practices.

What is covered in the Safe Working Practices LEA tutorial?

The number one priority in any job is keeping safe, especially when failing to do so can lead to serious injury or even death. Knowing the ins and outs of safety is paramount, and this tutorial will get your safety skills and knowledge up to scratch.

In the SWP tutorial you will cover off how to:

  • isolate safely
  • test and tag
  • disconnect and reconnect
  • work on or near low-voltage electrical installations
  • perform electrical tests on appliances prior to reconnection.

Like all our courses, the learning is hands-on, which means you’ll get plenty of opportunity to put your practical skills to use and cement your learnings.

How long will it take and how much will it cost?

The SWP tutorial runs for eight hours in total, and it can be completed over one day or two evenings. You can choose to book and pay for just the tutorial, or to include the assessment as well. Check out the current fees and upcoming dates and times here or contact our team for more info.

Things you need to know

  • If you’re completing any of the other LEA tutorials, you’ll need to do the SWP tutorial first.
  • On the day, make sure you bring your IR tester and insulated gloves (inners recommended).
  • You’ll need to have completed all units required for UEE 30811 (except UEENEEG105B and UEENEEC020B) and UEE30807 (other than those specified in (UEENEEG005B and UEENEEC020B)
  • If you’re booking your assessment at the same time, you will need to email your signed LEA Authorisation to Undertake Licence Electrical Assessment to Future Energy Skills before your exam. You cannot sit the exam without it, so make sure you send it through before the day of the exam, otherwise you will need to rebook and pay for the exam again.

What next?      

If you’re keen to go ahead and complete the SWP tutorial, you can check upcoming dates and book on our website, or alternatively contact our team for assistance or more info. And if you want to be 100% prepared, you can also opt to complete the other LEA tutorials, Licensed Electrician’s Theory (LET) and/or Licensed Electrician’s Practical (LEP).      

Heading into the A-grade exam with confidence can be the difference between a pass and a fail – which makes LEA tutorials a smart investment.

Would you like to find out more about our LEA tutorials? Contact our friendly team or check out our website for the latest times, dates and fees.

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