New Short Course Offers Electricians the chance to Fill the IoT Skills Gap

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A decade ago, most people had never heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, there’s a good chance you have an IoT device or two in your home – or even in your pocket!

With more and more people and businesses embracing this new technology, it has opened up a unique opportunity for electricians to position themselves as the go-to trade for the design, installation and repair of IoT devices at home or work.

But the problem is that the vast majority of electricians lack the technical skills, confidence and specialised knowledge needed to take advantage of the demand for this new service. This was highlighted in research conducted by NECA in 2019 which showed that while consumers are actively looking for electricians with skills in IoT, in particular building and home automation, quite often, the customer knew more about IoT devices and possibilities than the electrician!

The time to close your IoT skills gap is now

The truth is that IoT technology is all around us, and there is a definite need for experts to step up and support consumers in the set up and ongoing maintenance of their devices. While the idea of adding a laptop to your toolbox can be daunting, obtaining the skills and knowledge you need to competently work with IoT systems is highly achievable with our new 8-week part-time course.

The nuts and bolts of the course

The Course in the Application of Internet of Things for Electrotechnology Workers is the first of its kind in Australia, and was developed with funding from the Victorian Government. With input and guidance from our expert project partners and experienced specialist contractors working in this space, the content has been designed to give you a solid grounding that will allow you to include IoT design, installation and maintenance as part of your service. Best of all, you can upskill fast, as the course runs for just 8 weeks, and is delivered through a combination of online and classroom learning, which means less disruption to work.

Opportunities for electricians who upskill

As an electrician, you are in a fantastic position to assume the role of IoT professional in your service area – all you need is those skills gaps filled and you’re ready to go! Even if your knowledge of technology is low, your prior experience working with data and communications and networks, combined with the expert advice and support of our trainers, will see you hit the ground running, and finish the course full of confidence.

What if you do nothing?

If you’re busy and business is going well right now, you may be thinking the course is not for you. However, as the digital disruption of IoT becomes more widely used and available, it will have a major impact on the type of work electricians do on a daily basis. An example of this is lighting. LED is now the norm, but there is an emerging trend towards LEDs operating at extra low voltage (ELV). This type of lighting is also beginning to be largely deployed by sensors that monitor activity in the room and are integrated with building management systems. You don’t need an electrician’s licence for ELV installation, which creates an opening for non-electrical business to take over the work from sparkies who are in the dark about IoT. While this may seem a long way off, the technology is there and being taken up at a growing rate now.

Don’t risk getting left behind!

It’s clear that IoT is going to have a major impact on electrical work moving forward – so will you get on the front foot and be proactive now, or sit on the fence and risk being left behind? The future is now. Don’t get left in the past!

Are you ready to move forward and embrace emerging technology? Visit the course page or contact our team today to find out more!

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