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2016 is just another year for a lot of people but not for us here at NECA E&C (and by us, we mean you too!)

You know how sometimes you read something and it sticks with you? Well, when we were trawling Instagram for a little #inspo and saw ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ something clicked because we want our tribe (that’s you) to be amazing … and let’s be honest NECA E&C wasn’t quite there …

We listened, took on your feedback, spoke to industry experts, and studied how the current generation learns then took a long hard look in the mirror.

Now, this is all great in theory and on paper but we bet you’re wondering what this actually mean for you … well keep reading.

What’s going to be different you ask?

  • You will be told every morning, every day, exactly what you’re going to learn in class
  • Classes will be chock full of discussion and problem solving
  • There is going to heaps of prac
  • There will be ‘take home’ notes and practice questions
  • You will be provided info in a way that you will remember (see, we did learn things!)
  • ‘Proper’ final exams are back!! … as well as the normal competency based assessments
  • From January 2017 the percentage mark of the final exam will be reported to the employer!
  • You will walk out of here confident in your knowledge

So you can be your best there are also a range of tutoring, coaching and support options available for you.

We know that you might not love change as much as we do so instead of thinking of this as change or going back to ‘the old way’ … think of it as an amazing insta filter that we are applying that gives you a little extra muscle definition.

The roll out of the new resources will be staged across the next 6 months … never fear, each class will be briefed by a member of our leadership team before you start using them.



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