Power Up Newsletter February 2022

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Issue 4 – February 2022

Try Your Trade – 6 March, Lygon Street Carlton North

Try Your Trade is our first on-site expo involving hands-on tool trials and a chance to talk directly with teachers, current female apprentices and mentors.

This initial event is designed to encourage women to experience what a career in the electrical industry can look like.

Try Your Trade is an initiative delivered by NECA Education & Careers as part our Women and Their Trade (WaTT) program focusing on empowering women to succeed within the electrical industry. It was launched in October 2021 in conjunction with Apprenticeships Victoria.

Click here to register now.

Virtual Reality – Learning Innovation

Virtual reality (VR) is a three-dimensional, computer-generated representation of physical worlds. NECA Education & Careers is pioneering innovative learning experiences allowing apprentices to practice dealing with real-world situations 24/7.

The advantages of VR in a learning environment are well documented and include:

Immersive experiences: Engagement is critical to training outcomes, and the immersive training environment provided by VR boosts engagement.

Practice makes perfect: Workers with difficult jobs can sharpen their skills without worrying about real-world consequences.

Reduced pressure and enhanced creativity: Because all training is virtual, workers can take risks they usually wouldn’t take or pursue creative, high-risk solutions to problems.

Accelerated learning: Because VR is so immersive and compelling, learners absorb information faster and retain what they have learned longer. Memory formation is linked to emotional response, and VR is an emotionally charged experience.

The NECA Education & Careers system is being developed as an online simulation tool (gaming). It has the ability for trainers to also view what the apprentice views and display viewpoints onto alternative screens for tutoring and step by step assistance.

We aim to launch the VR in March 2022.

Parade College & The Exchange Melton Apprenticeships & Traineeships Expo

Speaking directly to students, parents, carers, job seekers and high school career advisors is important to us. This month we presented about electrical apprenticeships and industry traineeships at two events.

Parade College held an expo at La Trobe University for sixty of their VCAL students. Jamie Robertson, A Grade electrician and trainer, gave a well-received presentation titled ‘How far can you go with an Electrical Apprenticeship’ which included video footage of our facility and our apprentices out on jobs around the city. He then took questions of very curious and engaged students.

Adisa and Martin from our Group Training Organisation attended the Apprenticeship and Traineeship expo organised by The Exchange in partnership with Melton City Council & Lendlease. The Exchange provide services and assistance to all residents and businesses in the Melton LGA (and surrounds) in regard to employment and training. Amongst the attendees were school leavers and job seekers exploring the traineeship and apprenticeship pathway. At the expo, Adisa and Martin presented NECA Education & Careers offerings including traineeship, apprenticeship recruitment and trade school opportunities.

Both days were successful with many young people showing interest in both the electrical apprenticeship and business traineeship opportunities and is an encouraging start to our busy 2022 expo calendar.


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