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Timesheets, leave, super… there are a lot of financial aspects to having people working for you. Luckily, payroll management is one of the ways NECA Education & Careers can simplify the process of taking on an apprentice or trainee.

How many invoices?

If you only have one apprentice or trainee, we’ll only send you one invoice per week, covering everything from pay to super, site allowance, RDOs, leave, and fares. If you have multiple apprentices or trainees, you can choose whether to receive one invoice per person or have them combined into one invoice.

No more paper timesheets

You’ve left your last coffee stain on a timesheet with our online payroll system, Astute. Approve apprentice and trainee timesheets with one touch and see a history of timesheets. You also have control over who approves timesheets, useful if you have multiple apprentices at different sites with different supervisors. Any overtime is automatically calculated when the apprentice or trainee enters their start and end times and their lunch break. Leave also appears in a calendar.

“When will I be paid?”

This may well be a question you hear from a new apprentice or trainee. Their pays are processed on Tuesday afternoons in the NECA Education & Careers Melbourne office, or a day later if there’s a Monday or Tuesday public holiday in Melbourne. If apprentices and trainees want to be paid on time (who doesn’t?) they have to submit their timesheet by midday Monday, but they also need to be approved on time, by Monday end of day.

Of course, the most important thing when taking on an apprentice or trainee is having someone with the work ethic and skills to be a valuable part of your team; but with less hassle around finances you’ll have the peace of mind to get on with the job.

These all add up to enough reasons to outsource your apprentice management, so if you’re ready to make the apprenticeship process more simple, get in touch with NECA Education & Careers today.


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